Fair competition

There is intense competition in international air traffic. Our companies welcome competition, because it has only been the liberalization of air traffic since the 1990s that has made it possible for the majority of people in Germany today to afford to fly. However, the competitive conditions are not fair at present, as German airlines have to bear extra charges which have been introduced by national and European exclusive agreements.

Parkendes Flugzeug am Flughafen München

Airport travel tax

The air travel tax discriminates against domestic airlines and airports in international competition and deprives German companies of the financial means to invest more in climate protection and noise control.

Sicherheitskontrolle am Flughafen

Aviation security costs

Passenger controls and luggage inspections at airports serve to prevent terrorist attacks. While the costs of this task for society are borne by the state in important competitor countries, in Germany the airlines themselves have to pay for it.