The importance of air transport

Aviation is of outstanding importance for Germany as a business location. The companies in the aviation industry offer employment for hundreds of thousands of employees with a wide variety of professional qualifications. However, the actual importance of air transport goes far beyond the jobs in aviation: on the one hand, air transport makes a major contribution to people’s individual mobility and thus promotes international understanding and cultural exchange. On the other hand, aviation connects German companies with important supplier and sales markets all over the world. Air cargo plays an important role in this – especially in trade with countries outside Europe.

Gepäckabfertiger beim Ausladen von Gepäck aus einem Flugzeug auf dem Düsseldorfer Flughafen.


Airlines, airports and air traffic control are attractive employers for hundreds of thousands of men and women. They provide secure employment in Germany – far beyond the borders of our own industry.

Vater wartet mit Kindern auf Flug


Germans mainly travel to other countries by plane, and large numbers of foreign tourists also come to Germany by air. This creates jobs – both here in Germany and in the tourist destination countries.

Frachtflieger der DHL

Foreign trade

Air transport connects Germany as a business location with international markets: air freight transport links the German economy to global flows of goods, and business travel enables companies to maintain contacts with customers and suppliers.

Frachtflugzeug der Johanniter

Humanitarian Aid

Over long distances, there is no faster mode of transport than the airplane. For this reason, relief goods are mainly transported by air to conflict and disaster areas.


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