Our mission: A joint representation of interests for the aviation industry

The BDL is the common voice of the German aviation industry. It is open to all German aviation companies and associations.

The association represents and promotes the interests of airlines, airports, Deutsche Flugsicherung (German air traffic control) and other service providers in German air traffic.

The BDL is committed to ensuring that Germany as a location for air traffic can develop efficiently and competitively – hand in hand with responsibility for society and the environment.

As the central contact for politics, media and the public, the association bundles and communicates the topics that are important for the German aviation industry:

  • Economic benefits of air transport
  • Competitiveness and innovative capacity
  • Energy efficiency and climate protection
  • Noise control
  • Safety and security
  • Needs-based infrastructure development
  • Customer satisfaction and consumer protection
  • Opportunities and risks of unmanned aircraft systems