Safety and operation

Luftsicherheitskontrolle am Flughafen

Aviation security checks

The safe and smooth operation of air traffic is a prerequisite for good mobility connections for Germany as a business location. In this regard, safe air traffic is of paramount importance. In view of the growing threat of terrorism, a high level of security has been achieved in the past through a large number of generally internationally coordinated measures and cooperation between authorities and companies. Aviation security checks are a central process at German airports.


Air quality on board

German aviation takes the issue of air quality on board very seriously, because the safety of passengers and crews has top priority. It is not without reason that the aircraft is considered to be the safest means of transport. But how is the fresh air supply in the cabin actually guaranteed, and what do the airlines do to ensure the high quality of cabin air?

Wartehalle am Frankfurter Flughafen


Air transport is a highly complex global system in which airlines, airports, air traffic control, security companies, authorities and service providers work closely together at home and abroad. Daily flight operations depend on both internal and external factors that cannot be influenced, such as the weather and strikes.

Drohne fliegt über Feld mit Windkraftrad

Civil drones

The number of commercially and privately operated civil drones in German airspace is rising rapidly. Unmanned aircraft are already replacing human resources such as industrial climbers or surveyors and are well on their way to changing urban transport systems radically. The challenge: Integrate unmanned aircraft safely into the airspace.