Executive Board
Matthias von Randow
Executive Director

Matthias von Randow has been executive director of the German Aviation Association (BDL) since July 1, 2011.

Sebastian Dreyer (attorney at law)
Head of Politics and Coordination

Sebastian Dreyer is responsible for governmental and parliamentary relations, the establishment and maintenance of professional contacts with ministries, authorities and parliaments. He also coordinates some of the policy priority areas, in particular European policy and consumer policy.

Tamara Hartwich
Head of Operations, Engineering & Safety

As Head of Flight Operations, Technology and Safety, Tamara Hartwich is responsible for topics such as safety in flight operations and unmanned aviation.

Dr. Lars Hoppe (attorney at law)
Head of Legal

As Head of Legal, Dr. Lars Hoppe is responsible for matters concerning air traffic law, consumer rights and general aviation legislation.

Wolf-Dietrich Kindt
Head of Climate and Environmental Protection

Wolf-Dietrich Kindt looks after matters relating to noise control and environmental and climate protection.

Kevin Feld
Project Manager Climate Protection and Aircraft Noise

Kevin Feld is project manager for climate protection and the aircraft noise portal.

Norbert Lübben
Head of Economics

As Head of Economics, Norbert Lübben is responsible for the analysis of the economic significance of aviation, the development of the aviation market and the basic condition.

Christian Schäfer
Head of Security

Christian Schäfer is responsible for issues relating to aviation security, such as security controls, airport security and security checks.

Ralf Seeliger
Head of Infrastructure

As Head of Infrastructure, Ralf Seeliger is responsible for topics such as the digitalisation and automation of travel, airfreight and apron processes, the further development of European air traffic control (regulatory framework and increasing efficiency) as well as needs-based airport infrastructure. In addition, he coordinates the topic of air freight at the BDL office.

Media and Public Relations
Julia Fohmann-Gerber
Press Spokesperson

Julia Fohmann-Gerber is responsible for press relations on the topics of climate protection, aviation policy, issues relating to aviation security and unmanned aviation.

Alexander Klay, Pressesprecher BDL
Alexander Klay
Press Spokesperson

Alexander Klay is responsible for press relations on the topics of economics and traffic development, infrastructure and air freight.

Carola Scheffler
Press Spokesperson

Carola Scheffler is responsible for press relations on the topics of consumers, noise mitigation in air traffic and safety in flight operations, as well as event management.

Tim Bornkessel
Press Officer

Tim Bornkessel is responsible for press and social media monitoring and the development of the online content and marketing strategy.

Executive Office
Irina Bröckl
Office Manager
Benjamin Trinks
Assistant to the Executive Board