A Greeting From the President

Dr. Stefan Schulte, BDL-Präsident

Hello and welcome to BDL’s website – your aviation gateway!

Perhaps you’ve already seen our motto on this page: Aviation moves! And you can take that literally.

Every year, almost 200 million people take off and land at German airports. You can fly from Germany to over 130 countries. That’s good for holiday fun and for our economy too. Because it is aviation that carries the brand “Made in Germany” across the globe and helps to make our economy succeed worldwide. This secures millions of jobs here in Germany.

And we work hard to protect the environment. Needing on average less than 4 litres of kerosene per passenger to travel 100km, airplanes turn the world into your oyster. Strong competition ensures that flying to distant destinations is no longer a luxury for the few. This, I believe, is one thing that shouldn’t change!

And so I invite you to discover the world of aviation. Look back at the past and forwards to the future. Get to know people from our fascinating sector. Or read the latest aviation news on our news-ticker. Should you have any questions or ideas, just mail them to us. And we’re always happy to receive funny or interesting air travel videos. Maybe soon you’ll be on our website!

Enjoy your stay with us – and remember: Aviation moves!