The BDL Team


Sebastian Dreyer (Attorney at Law)

Head of Security & European Politics

+49 30 520077-120

As head of security & european politics, Sebastian Dreyer is responsible for aviation security issues, such as security controls, airport safety and security inspections. He also looks after all matters concerning European aviation politics and represents the association at EU level.


Dr Lars Hoppe (Attorney at Law)

Head of Legal & Taxes

+49 30 520077-135

As head of legal & taxes, Dr. Lars Hoppe is responsible for matters concerning air law, taxes, consumer rights and aviation legislation.


Michael Kandora

Head of Infrastructure

+49 30 520077-125

As head of infrastructure, Michael Kandora looks after issues such as airport capacity requirements, regulations on airport operating times, ground services, air traffic charges and fees.


Marian Kortas

Head of Operations, Engineering & Safety

+49 30 520077-170

As head of operations, engineering & safety, Marian Kortas is responsible for air traffic management issues as well as the Single European Sky.

N. N.

Head of Economics & Statistics

As head of economics & statistics, Martin Kuras is responsible for issues relating to the economic benefits of aviation, air cargo, as well as market analysis and research.


Uta Maria Pfeiffer

Head of Sustainability

+49 30 520077-140

As head of sustainability, Uta Maria Pfeiffer looks after matters relating to noise, environmental and climate protection.

Media and Public Relations


Ivo Rzegotta

Head of Strategic Planning and Communications

+49 30 520077-165

Ivo Rzegotta supports the Board in planning and implementing the association’s strategy and in political communication. Furthermore, he is responsible for the multidisciplinary topics.


Claudia Nehring

Press Spokesperson, Head of Online Communications

+49 30 520077-116

Within the BDL media team, Claudia Nehring's main areas of responsibility are sustainability, safety & security as well as online communication.


Carola Scheffler

Press Spokesperson, Head of Eventmanagement

+49 30 520077-117

Within the BDL media team, Carola Scheffler' main areas of responsibility are consumer issues, noise, infrastructure, legal & taxes issues, as well as event management.


Sandra Kube (maternity leave)

Press Spokesperson

Assistants to the Board


Irina Bröckl

Assistant to Executive Director

+49 30 520077-100

Irina Bröckl manages the office administration and acts as assistant to the executive director.